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Roof Repair Or Replacement

Tansi Lake homeowners have a common question about their roofs; repair or replacement? No one wants to pay for a complete roof replacement when all that was needed was a simple repair. On the other hand, no one wants to pay on a regular basis for small repairs that keep cropping up, when what they really need is a roof replacement. The one-time expense of a new roof will cut down on constant repairs, as long as you keep it maintained.Your Lake Tansi’s reliable roofing contractors from Your Neighbor’s Roofer can help you whatever your roofing need may be!


Knowing The Signs

When it comes to the debate of roof repairs or replacement there are a few factors to take into consideration; like, the age of your roof. The average roof that’s made of asphalt shingle lasts about 20 years, as long as it’s maintained well throughout those years. If your roof is nearing that age mark or past it, then that’s an indication that you might want to consider a complete roof replacement.

The damage your roof has sustained over time is also a good indicator of whether to replace it or not. If you have one, small leak, then roof repairs are the best option. However, let’s say that a major weather-related event has put several holes into your roof and has compromised its integrity? Trying to pay for the repairs of all those small leaks could be very expensive, when a one-time investment for a roof replacement might be the cheaper, and safer, option.

Roofing Pros

Homeowners tend to get a bit worried when it comes to the decision of roof repair or replacement because they think their roofing contractor will try to convince them to have a roof replacement when just a repair will do. That will never be an issue with the roofing contractors at Your Neighbor’s Roofer; we are a reliable, dependable and trustworthy roofing company that will never talk you into paying more than you need to for any of your roofing needs.

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